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about: aqube

We are a community of like-minded individuals who share a love for all things nerdy and a common goal: to utilise our combined expertise to support you effectively in your IT projects.

For us, aqube serves as an invaluable knowledge hub. By constantly engaging in internal activities we ensure a continuous transfer of expertise, that fosters a culture of growth and development which ultimately benefits you.

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Focusing on the backend side of things, we cover a broad range of skills, from crafting platform architectures to honing test-driven software engineering in programming languages like Kotlin, Go, Rust, and Java. We complement this expertise with a deep understanding of cloud infrastructure, DevOps and Site Reliability Engineering for seamless software deployment and maintenance in live environments. We're also passionate about analytical problem-solving and maintaining a focus on sustainability, maintainability and efficiency.

Machine to Machine communication is important, but even more important is the interaction from Human to Human. We value agile methods, self-management, good moderation, and open communication. This can involve questioning existing workflows, organization, and decisions with the intention of finding alternatives that are better for everyone.

Continuous Integration and Deployment

Many teal and orange clockwise arrows following a circle with lines and dots around them.

Technical Automation

Abstract orange and blue lines flowing towards circular geometric shapes.


Floating rounded cube made of small cubes. Threedimensional cloud icons and cogs floating around it. The elements are orange, teal and blue.

Software Engineering

Two hands typing on a glowing keyboard. Above it are floating holographic UI elements and a set of holographic hands interacting with the UI Elements.

FullStack Troubleshooting

A Stack of circles and squares with glowing edges stacked in the center. Around this are floating UI elements. The elements resemble log files dashboards and abstract shapes.

Cloud Architecture

A floating hand with the palm facing up. A cloud symbol hovering above. The cloud is made up of blue and orange geometric shapes.


We work remotely across different parts of the Rhein-Main area. To stay connected, we have had to find some alternatives to shared lunch and coffee breaks. Our home base is a virtual co-working space that can be customised according to personal preferences… we even have a virtual pool table and go-karts!

Then there is aqube day: regular – in person - meet-ups to check in with each other, have workshops, retrospectives, share knowledge and enjoy some quality time.

A screenshot of the aqube virtual office in the Gather app.

WE ARE LOOKING FOR photograph of a part of a keyboard around the letter U, but the U is missing.

photograph of a part of a keyboard around the letter U, but the U is missing. photograph of a part of a keyboard around the letter U, but the U is missing.

Excited to work on diverse projects? Seeking variety and independence backed by a supportive team? Join our casual, slightly nerdy crew — with distributed authority and a focus on collective and personal growth!

  • 🪑  Budget for an ergonomic home office setup
  • 🚀  Empowerment for self-management
  • 💻  Your choice of work equipment
  • ⏰  Flexible working hours & time off policy
  • 🍒  Additional perks: Bike leasing and more
  • 📍  Most importantly — A spot in our virtual office 🫶

If that sounds interesting to you... Get in touch!